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Introduction to the Rhinoplasty Patient Resource

Photograph of Paul O'Keeffe Paul O'Keeffe retired in January 2021. He was a leading Australian specialist plastic surgeon based in Sydney. Rhinoplasty was his favourite operation while he still carried out other procedures for patients.
Dr Scott Turner in Dee Why has been given access to records for patients who had a procedure in the preceding 7 years (a longer time for children).

Rhinoplasty Overview is dedicated to people who are seeking information about cosmetic surgery and cosmetic nasal surgery in particular. The ancient and modern history of rhinoplasty is described and three operation types are discussed: the traditional closed rhinoplasty, the open rhinoplasty and Template Rhinoplasty, an exacting and stable closed rhinoplasty developed by Paul O'Keeffe. Alar base reduction, septoplasty and nose reconstruction with the Thin Medpor Nasal Shell implant and grafts are also discussed.

Patient Information is specifically for Paul O'Keeffe's patients. There is information about hospital stays, post-op visits and fees.

Template Rhinoplasty will be of interest to rhinoplasty surgeons because the operation is described in detail. Non-surgeons will learn how a better understanding of nasal anatomy lead to a rhinoplasty procedure that is capable of making a stable and predictable result even when big changes are made to the size of the nose.

Links & Info leads you to Paul O'Keeffe's television appearances, links to Sydney info sites, Australian and international surgery sites and personal pages.

News covers recent developments in rhinoplasty including the Medpor Nasal Shell implant

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