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Rhinoplasty Photo Planning

Two sets of photographs are required that include life-size profile photographs. (Your can determine your camera's life-size distance setting by photographing a ruler at various distances and comparing photo and object sizes.) Acetate sheet overlays are fixed to the photographs for marking lines.
The photo planning of an early Template Rhinoplasty

The initial planning is on both of the full face profile photographs moving the tip to a new position according to dynamic forces resulting from the superficial depressor septi muscle, the elastic fibres in the membranous septum, the length of the lateral alar ligament and septal support if a tension nose (bridgeline forward of the tip). Patient's photo with planned rhinoplasty changes drawn
Mask the profile reduction on one photograph to illustrate the changes. The other photograph is used for copying the data to the life-size photograph. Masking a profile photograph to show rhinoplasty changes
Transfer the new profile data to the life-size photograph (which shows the forehead, nose and upper lip) as follows:
Mark reference lines on the life-size photograph: forehead key, tip break point, septal caudal edge, septal incision and reference, lateral alar ligament. Life-size nasal profile photograpoh with reference lines marked
Trace tip profile and reference marks on a free acetate sheet. Place the free sheet under the acetate overlay and reposition the tip complex according to initial full face plan. Repositioning small acetate sheet to illustrate changed positions of the reference marks
Mark the new positions for the tip profile and reference lines on the fixed acetate sheet. Tracing the new positions of of the reference marks
Mark new bridge line. Finally the new nasal dorsum is marked on the acetate sheet covering the photograph
Copy to a polycarbonate sheet and cut out the template. Photograph of the completed profile template

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