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Template Rhinoplasty Operation

  1. Mark forehead key Photo of patient at commencement of rhinoplasty: marking the forehead
  2. Mark bridge reduction with template on side of nose
  3. Inject local anaesthetic and adrenaline as usual
  4. Incise septal mucosa at junction of mobile and fixed mucosa and cross cut for reference Photo illustrating incision of septal mucosa
  5. Expose septal caudal margin and reduce as planned
  6. Intra- or inter-cartilaginous vestibular incision extends laterally to pyriform margin
  7. Resect measured amount of lateral alar ligament and mucosa Photo showing resection of portion of lateral alar ligament
  8. Carefully elevate skin and underlying muscle off the upper lateral cartilages
  9. Skeletonise pyramid widely and reduce dorsum until matches new bridge line
  10. Medial nasal osteotomy
  11. Lateral nasal osteotomy via lateral alar ligament window
  12. In-fracture and bone graft to dorsum and lateral osteotomy if gap Diagram of bone grafts placed on nasal dorsum and within the lateral osteotomies
  13. Suture septal mucosa according to planned setback, suture lateral alar ligaments and suture vestibular incisions Photo illustrating rhinoplasty result with a customised profile template
  14. Tape, splint and pack nose Photo showing patient at end of rhinoplasty operation with a plaster-of-Paris splint taped in place
  15. Eye pads to reduce peri orbital ecchymosis

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