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Introduction to Template Rhinoplasty

Template rhinoplasty is based on the proposition that the nose tip is dynamic, changing position with smiling, sucking, etc and returning to a position of rest determined by muscular and elastic tissue forces. Changing the shape of the nose may lead to a new nose tip resting position. Calculating this position pre-operatively and placing the nose tip accordingly should produce a more stable rhinoplasty result. Nose tip cartilages are coloured yellow

The nose tip is repositioned first and then the bridge line (nasal pyramid) is modified to suit the new tip position. This contrasts with other methods in which the pyramid is reduced to pleasing proportions first and then the tip is sutured in a pleasing relationship (which may not be dynamically stable) to the pyramid.

With template rhinoplasty the skeletal changes are measured pre-operatively and guided by a profile template which is custom made for each patient.

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