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Fees and Charges

We use 16 different nasal surgery fees and our commonest operation has 3 of them added together. One fee is for the rhinoplasty, one is for the septoplasty and one is for the turbinate reduction. Our fees are updated on 1 November each year, the date that Medicare updates the government schedule.

Medicare does not offer a rebate for purely cosmetic procedures. Fortunately, most of our rhinoplasty patients have an associated airway problem and Medicare item numbers can be used. There is no Medicare rebate for alar base reduction.

Medicare has restricted rhinoplasty rebates from 1 November 2014. There are no rebates for correction of nasal deformity resulting from previous cosmetic surgery.

Health fund rebates: These payments depend on your particular fund, table and your membership history. Generally, no payment is made unless you have continuous membership during the last 12 months. Please telephone your fund to confirm that you will receive a rebate.

Anaesthetist fees: The rebate amounts vary depending on the fund. The full fee is approximately $1,200. Staff at Macquarie Anaesthetic Group will quote you the rebate for either Dr Michael Amos or Dr Paul Wajon (ph. 9550 4866).

Overseas supplement: $1,881.00 (incl GST). This fee covers the additional workload associated with our overseas patients. It is not possible to accurately quote for surgery until after the first consultation in Sydney when the extent of the operation will be clarified. Overseas patients do not receive Australia's Medicare rebate.

Additional procedures might include open operation supplement ($933), alar base reduction ($843.10), insert foreign implant ($941 = half fee), Nasal Shell implant ($550), dermofat graft ($1108.00 = half fee), Tisseel glue ($770) or scar revision ($343 = half fee). Additional hospital costs will apply if any of these additional procedures are carried out.

In response to many short notice cancellations we have introduced a non-refundable booking deposit.

There is a cancellation fee of 10% of the surgeon's fee for cancellations with less than 2 weeks notice.

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