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Modern History

16 October, 1846

W.T.G. Morton, a dentist at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, administered the first general anaesthetic, ether, to Gilbert Abbott who had a tumour removed from his jaw.


Chloroform was first used as a general anaesthetic agent by James Young Simpson, Professor of Midwifery at Edinburgh University, in 1847. He poured it onto gauze near the face of the patient. Gauze-covered face masks were then used so it t was not convenient to perform surgery on the central portion of the face.


Cocaine was first used for local anaesthesia by Dr Carl Koller of Vienna when he operated on the lower eyelid, the drug being administered topically by dropping it on the conjunctiva of the eye. Later on it was administered by injection..


John Orlando Roe, an otolaryngologist (ENT surgeon) from Rochester, New York, reported three cases for whom he reduced the tip structure of the nose through the nostrils. He described the procedure in The Deformity Termed Pug Nose and its Correction by a Simple Operation.

Pre-op illustration of Roe second case Roe's second case, 1887 Post-op illustration of Roe second case

In 1891, Roe described the correction of the entire nose for four cases, reducing the bony and cartilaginous hump by operating with a chisel through the nostrils. His publication, titled The Correction of Angular Deformities of the Nose by Subcutaneous Operation, included pre- and post-operative photographs.


The modern father of rhinoplasty was Jacques Joseph, an orthopaedic surgeon from Berlin, who performed his first cosmetic operation on a boy with prominent ears. The patient was very appreciative and convinced Joseph of the value of aesthetic surgery. He performed his first rhinoplasties with external incisions and later adopted incisions within the nostrils. He popularised aesthetic rhinoplasty and described the basis of modern techniques in an excellent book published in 1932, Nasenplastik und sonstige Gesichtsplastik. He was the second surgeon to use pre- and post-operative photographs in his work. Photo of Jacques Joseph doing a rhinoplasty

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