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Thin Nasal Shell

October 2012:

108 Thin Nasal Shells have been implanted and they are now the preferred version of the Medpor Nasal Shell. Thinness gives the shell more flexibility and there are no inserts to place beneath the shell. Instead cartilage grafts are placed under the shell. The figure shows an implant, a cartilage extension sutured to it and diced/crushed cartilage pieces placed under the implant. Cartilage grows to fill the void because stem cells are present.

The shell becomes an ideal method for moulding diced and crushed cartilage into a perfect shape. The porous nature of the implant allows nourishment of the cartilage stem cells. The implant can be removed after growth of the graft but most patients elect to leave the implant in place. This technique makes it possible to get a good nose shape from otherwise troublesome donor material such as rib cartilage.

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